Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for admission to the OC Fair if I purchase a concert or show at the Pacific Amphitheatre, Action Sports Arena or The Hangar?

All reserved seats in Pacific Amphitheatre, The Hangar and Action Sports Arena include FREE same-day Fair admission on a regularly scheduled Fair day.

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How can I get more information about the Pacific Amphitheatre events?

Concert updates, on-sale information and, occasionally, the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public can be received via email. View the Newsletter page to sign up.

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How can I improve my chances of getting tickets for a popular event?

For many events at the Pacific Amphitheatre, tickets will be made available prior to the general public sale through an internet-only pre-sale. These pre-sales generally require a password which will be distributed to visitors who sign up via OC Fair & Event Center’s Pacific Amphitheatre website, Ticketmaster customers who have previously purchased tickets to a Pacific Amphitheatre event, members of the performers fan club, or some combination of these sources.

The best way to be included in internet pre-sales is to sign up to receive our VIP Access Newsletter. Please know that it may take a day or two after signing up before your email populates our email system. If you see an event announcement, it is probably too late to receive a presale opportunity for that event.

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What do I do if I do not receive my tickets?

If you have ordered tickets through Ticketmaster phones or internet and you have not received them by three days prior to the event,
call your local TM Customer Service Department. Be prepared with the account’s confirmation number, or the purchasing credit card. The agent will determine the nature of the problem, and if your tickets are replaceable, instruct you on where and when to pick up your replacement tickets. This is normally done at the box office prior to the event. Replacement tickets can only be picked up by the credit card holder with the original credit card used during the purchase.

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What accommodations are made at Pacific Amphitheatre for disabled customers?

Tickets for disabled guests may be purchased at Tickets may also be purchased at OC Fair & Event Center’s Pacific Amphitheatre Box Office at the  during normal business hours.

For more information, visit our Equal Access Guide.

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I have a child. Do they need a ticket?

Admission to Pacific Amphitheatre for children 23 months and under is free. However, these children do not have a reserved seat location and must remain on the lap of the parent or guardian for the duration of the performance. Anyone attending the performance, two years and older, must have a ticket for the event. With respect from the venue, we remind you that the hearing of young children is still developing and the high volume often associated with performance events can pose a risk to this development. Strollers and wagons are not permitted inside Pacific Amphitheatre.

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Are there hotels near the Pacific Amphitheatre?

There are many hotels in the area in various price range categories. For more information on OC Fair preferred hotels, please click here

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The event I want to attend is sold out. Is there any other way to purchase tickets?

The only authorized sources for tickets to the Pacific Amphitheatre are the OC Fair & Event Center Box Office and Ticketmaster. OC Fair & Event Center/Pacific Amphitheatre will not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any third party. Tickets from unauthorized sources may have been lost, stolen or counterfeit and, if so, are void and will not be honored.

If an event is sold out, we encourage you to continue to inquire on Ticketmaster’s website whenever possible. While there is never a guarantee, Pacific Amphitheatre occasionally releases tickets for sale. When this happens, seats are sold strictly on a first come, first served basis. Seats will never be held.

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I understand that some Pacific Amphitheatre events are part of the OC Fair. What does that mean exactly?

Like all attractions that take place on the Fairgrounds during the annual OC Fair, many concerts at Pacific Amphitheatre are a component of the Fair itself. An event within an event. However, while a concert ticket will also give you access to most (The Hangar is one exception) other attractions at the Fair, a Fair ticket will not give you access to a Pacific Amphitheatre concert. Concert admission above and beyond the cost of Fair admission is required.

As a component of the Fair, entrance to and exit from Pacific Amphitheatre concerts is through the OC Fair proper. Once parked, proceed to the nearest main Fair entrance. The main Fair gates are Blue Gate, Green Gate, Orange Gate and Yellow Gate. Once inside, you’re welcome to enjoy all the Fair has to offer, from the carnival to the food and exhibits. When it’s time to attend your Pacific Amphitheatre event, proceed to the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds. Information booths are strategically located to help you on your way.

After you have enjoyed your performance event, you can exit through the Fair gates, but you are more than welcome to enjoy the Fair again before leaving.

For concerts that take place before or after the OC Fair, please follow directional signs and staff to be directed to the best available parking at the time you arrive. After parking you will then enter the venue through the main Pacific Amphitheatre entrance adjacent to the box office. Please note, concerts taking place before or after the OC Fair are special shows and do not include Fair admission.

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My tickets are at Will Call. What do I need to do in order to pick them up?

During the annual OC Fair, tickets ordered through Ticketmaster for pick up at Will Call will be available two hours prior to the event start time. Will call tickets can be picked up at the OCFEC/Pacific Amphitheatre Box Office or at one of the concert sales booths located at each of the three main Fair entrances. Upon arrival, please present your Ticketmaster confirmation number, along with a valid identification (State driver’s license, passport, military identification).

If tickets have been left in Will Call by means other than Ticketmaster, please check with your source to determine where your tickets will be located.

For events held outside of the annual OC Fair dates, all Will Call tickets can be picked up at the OCFEC/Pacific Amphitheatre Box Office with proper identification.

Please be aware that the OCFEC/Pacific Amphitheatre Box Office will not accept tickets to be placed in Will Call from outside sources. Also, tickets will not be released from Will Call without proper identification.

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When should I arrive for a Pacific Amphitheatre event?

Concertgoers are encouraged to arrive early for concerts to avoid traffic and parking delays. This is especially true on Saturdays and Sundays during the OC Fair.

The Pacific Amphitheatre will open 60 to 90 minutes before the scheduled start of the event. For sold out events, the venue may open as early as 90 minutes prior to the event.

During the run of the OC Fair, guests are encouraged to enjoy the great food, rides, exhibits and entertainment that the Fair has to offer.

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What can I bring with me to Pacific Amphitheatre?

You may bring blankets and binoculars. It does get cold at night, even in summer, so we recommend a jacket or sweater.

You may not bring weapons, illicit drugs, cameras (still or video), recorders (audio or video), lawn chairs, strollers, umbrellas, backpacks, fireworks, laser pens, pets, glass, cans or anything inherently or potentially dangerous.

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Can I get something to eat or drink at Pacific Amphitheatre?

The OC Fair has something for every palate. Arrive early to enjoy everything the Fair has to offer. Food and beverage is also available inside the Pacific Amphitheatre.

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What security is in place at Pacific Amphitheatre to ensure my family’s safety?

Guests are subject to search when entering the OC Fair and Pacific Amphitheatre. In order to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible, please refer to the list above of the those items that can and cannot be brought into the venue.

OCFEC/Pacific Amphitheatre staff strive to provide all our guests with a safe, enjoyable and comfortable experience. To that end, the following will not be allowed at Pacific Amphitheatre:

  • Guests interfering with other guests ability to enjoy the event.
  • Guests sitting in seats for which they are not properly ticketed.
  • Guests refusing to show their tickets when asked by an event
    staff member.
  • Guests who are intoxicated, violent or both.
  • Guests interfering with the progress of the event.

Non-compliant guests may be ejected, arrested or prosecuted. Guests whose enjoyment of the event is affected by prohibited conduct are asked to seek assistance from any event staff member.

In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the venue, please direct your attention to an event staff member and listen for announcements on the public address system.

A first-aid station is located on-site at Pacific Amphitheatre. If first aid is needed, please inform an event staff member. You will be escorted to the first aid room.

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Is smoking allowed at Pacific Amphitheatre?

Smoking is not permitted on OC Fair & Event Center property, including in and around Pacific Amphitheatre (seating, concourse, walkways, etc).

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Is Pacific Amphitheatre available to rent?

For more information, contact Molly Morley at or 714-944-6475.

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Are posters/signs for events inside the OC Fair allowed?

Posters/signs for events inside the OC Fair are allowed. They may not be mounted on a stick or pole and the maximum size is 28”W x 22”H. Any guests with signs that obstruct a view may be asked to put it away for the duration of the event.

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By purchasing tickets to the annual OC Fair and/or its performances, you agree to follow health protocols in place at the time of the event. Guests attending this event are strongly encouraged to wear masks over their mouth and nose while inside OC Fair buildings, regardless of vaccination status. PLEASE NOTE: Entry requirements are subject to change. As a state agency, OC Fair & Event Center will follow the guidelines in place at the time of the event.