Saturday, July 8, 2023
The Green / Hirie / Mike Love / Jesse Royal / Common Sense
Special Pre-Fair show, Fair admission not included.

Music has been a blessing since the beginning for the humble members of The Green. It is only by looking into the past that one can fully grasp the immense accomplishments and unparalleled journey for a group of musicians from the small island of Oʻahu. Countless miles of touring and six studio albums have led them to become recognized as ambassadors of Aloha, helping represent Hawaiian people and culture to the world through their craft.

Hawaiian singer/songwriter Hirie spun her global citizenship into a lush and vibrant strain of reggae pop in the middle part of the 2010s. Backed by a six-piece band, the Filipino-born, Italian-raised, Oahu-based musician enjoyed somewhat of a breakout with her positively focused 2016 release Wandering Soul, and later built on that success with 2019’s Dreamer.

Mike Love developed a unique style and sound rooted in the spirituality and message-based music of reggae and Rastafari, while also fusing progressive and classic rock, soul, blues, flamenco, jazz, classical, and more. December 2012 saw the release of Love’s first solo album, The Change I’m Seeking. With the release of his second album Love Will Find a Way and follow-up companion album Love Overflowing, Love solidified the bond with his fans, exhibiting the evolution they have come to expect from his music.

Jesse Royal is a Grammy nominated, internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer, and recording artist from Kingston, Jamaica.

Common Sense came together in Southern California taking their reggae-rock influences and creating their own style. The group’s music bridges the gap between reggae, rock, pop, funk and soul. Releasing 6 albums under their own label, Common Sense Records, they have also released an album under the Virgin Label, Psychedelic Surf Groove. Their song “Never Give Up” was used in the movie Speed 2 Cruise Control, “In Your Eyes” was in the movie Kingpin.